Sitting quietly on its web, the spider pondered,

“What is a black hole, but a round, dark circle with a long black tail…

With extreme gravity…

That swallows us one by one…

And there’s no escape once we are beyond its event horizon.”

A few days ago, I was thinking, IoT might be the last link in interconnecting the whole Earth and creating one united whole. And I was wondering, wouldn’t that whole which is complex enough(having nodes as complex as human beings and links as smartphones and other connecting devices), become a super-conscious entity, with the accumulated knowledge of the whole world and emergent properties that go beyond our current imagination.

This also reminded me of genes and maybe an analogy to how with genes, life started to emerge, without them being conscious (at least not based on our description of life)…

I see dreams almost every night. The memory of them, sometimes right after waking up evaporates. But I know I have seen them because the aftertaste remains and I feel something has happened in my dreams.

Some of the dreams I have had were so fantastic, I woke up awed the next morning, while others are very life-like, and make you confused when you wake up, that, whether it was a dream or a past experience. Generally, the dreams I have, complement my waking life experiences. The ones I explicitly remember, are some of the things I really wanted to…

This is a new attempt in writing. I have been away from it for a while now. I’d like to return and do it regularly, consistently, maybe make a habit out of it.

Here on Medium, the majority of people write highly specific and technical articles rather than their mere mental secretions(as I have seen, maybe my circle has been shaped around that kind of content). …

I am reading this book called “the Self Illusion” by Bruce Hood. I’m not going to write about it. It just popped this question in my mind: “if we have the technology to duplicate our bodies and our minds, what will happen to the ‘sense’ of self? this feeling of ‘me’?”

There was a buzz about uploading consciousness into computers a while ago, and that seemed quite fascinating, to me. I never really appraised it, though, you know, deeply. Tonight I thought about it, however.

Imagine you are having an exact duplicate of yourself, to the atomic level of precision…

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

These are three means with which we react to the world around us.

Have you ever been too tired to think about a situation or you were overly emotional that your thinking brain locked down and your emotions took over? that’s when your reptilian brain takes control of a situation and you act impulsively. We are not here to judge or evaluate.

This method of impulsive reacting gives us, our “self”s, what we call “me” little control because this “me” mainly resides in the cortex of the brain, the outer layer of the brain, where among other things, cognition happens…

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

How about a driverless car, where instead of an AI driving it, an actual brain, from human or animals, trained and modified specifically for the purpose of driving is “behind the wheels”?

And not only that, what if we use the eyes and the ears of the humans/animals and implant them in the place where the car must see. We can also enhance the car with more surround audio-visual sensors but use a set of nature-made sensors in the car essentially?

How far can we go until we create a bigger, transhumanistic and more advanced body for ourselves in which…

Is life after death important by itself or the continuation of our memories is what really matters?

If I continue in an afterlife but have no recollections of who and what I was in the previous life, does that count as a real afterlife or am I a new person?

Just as if I had a different life(or many different lives) before this one, but had no memories of it(them). Would I still care??

Isn’t it then, the memories, that we desperately want to keep more than the life itself?

I used to write a blog on But for some reasons, I decided to migrate to Medium. I may republish some of the posts I wrote there and liked and continue to write some new ones here as well.

Maral Sheikhzadeh

Blockchain Digital Marketing Expert

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